Mind Control Techniques

The ability to use mind control techniques in the process of learning how to hypnotize anyone is a staple in this form of psychotherapy. Many decades ago Milton Erickson shocked the world with his conversational hypnosis techniques that are only now being widely accepted. Through many levels of human thought and rationality Ericksonian hypnosis now paves the way into a brighter more enlightened future. Mind control techniques involve invading the subconscious mind controlled rationales.

Utilization of Covert Tactics

The overall goal of mind control techniques is to utilize the covert tactics to make the other person respond in an anticipated and expected manner. This does not mean the individual will have their eyes closed and you can make them act like a goldfish or maybe cluck like a spring chicken it does mean that you can change their way of thinking! Conversational hypnosis and mind control techniques are very serious business and have been accepted widely by psychologists and psychiatrists as well as psychotherapist for the benefit of all mankind.

Mind Control Techniques

Just what are mind control techniques all about? Mind control techniques can be broken down into a series of steps. The three basic steps are presented below.

  • Initiate a Conversation and Utilize some form of Hypnosis Induction
  • Utilize Hypnosis Scripts to place Individual into a More-Receptive Subconscious Environment
  • Use Mind Control Techniques to Elicit Favored Responses or Reactions

That’s what conversational hypnosis is all about.  It is the art and phenomena of convincing a person to either view your mannerisms the way you look at them or the way you would prefer them to react to such initiations. A very interesting development exists in the theory and practice of mind control techniques as they are used to assist the hypnotized with their personal and b

This has been going on for centuries when individuals laid flat-out on the psychotherapists couch or sat in a circle and are placed into a subjective reality environment for favored or at least honest responses. The psychoanalyst uses mind control techniques numerous times all throughout the world yet it is not a requirement to have any form of advanced degrees in order to learn to hypnotize. That’s the beautiful response of conversational hypnosis and mind control techniques in that anyone can do it, anytime, anywhere.

Erickson’s Creation

Milton Erickson created mind control techniques as a formatted mechanism to delve deeper into the mind of an unsuspecting individual. His techniques were so effective and widespread that a virtual army of people who wanted to learn how to hypnotize anyone came from all walks of life all across the world. Now if someone wants to learn how to hypnotize anyone self-help manuals and home study courses are the preferred routes to such an endeavor. No matter what type of hypnosis or more correctly what name is the system referred to as like; covert hypnosis, instant hypnosis, underground hypnosis or black ops hypnosis, mind control techniques will be a very big part of the total experience. The individual being hypnotized, while not fully aware of what is going on, needs to at the very least be receptive to the initial hypnosis induction handshake or brief type of physical touching in order for the mind control techniques to be effective. Physicality as well as the emotional utilization through mind control techniques is a big part of what makes conversational hypnosis a powerful force in the world today.

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