Milton Erickson’s Mind Control Technique

Milton Erickson was in full agreement with the science of being able to communicate with someone’s unconscious mind at any time. Milton Erickson not only believed in this theory he also expanded upon the pioneering efforts of a few basic fellow psychoanalytical figures of his time and created an  institution of subconscious learning and accessibility. The core of the mind control technique is just what it says it is, to control one’s mind in a certain fashion or technique. What’s amazing about Milton Erickson’s abilities was that although not seen or deemed a mystic or clairvoyant in any way shape or form, this intellectual was on the cutting-edge of altering everything in which past psychoanalytical theory and practice was predicated upon.

Hypnosis Techniques by Milton Erickson

To say that Milton Erickson’s hypnosis techniques were a bit unique for the time would be correct to a degree. Milton Erickson in no way created the science of any hypnosis techniques as that was credited to the Scottish surgeon Dr. James Braid. Braid invented the term hypnotism and it was this individual who stated that focused attention was necessary for creating any hypnotic technique. What Milton Erickson added to the science of mind control technique was that he disagreed with Dr. Braid when it came to those individuals, who normally desperately needed to be assisted in the field of subconscious alteration through practice, who were racked with pain, anger or had a general mindset of non-believability. Milton Erickson understood that the subconscious mind could not be readily controlled or even admitted to existing in a normal person’s world. Especially a person who is ravaged by chronic pain or that is just associated with sociological aspects by means of psychological disorders or a lack or will to live.

Mind Control Techniques and Other Factors of Hypnosis Techniques

The mind control techniques were something that Milton Erickson spent a great deal of time in pursuing and went through rigorously detailed education as well as sociological channels. The main evidence for understanding just what mind control meant to Milton Erickson can be best explained with a short paragraph.

Hypnosis Tech


The man could place even the most disruptive and unbelieving patient or individual into a trance like state, in effect, was the ability to control their minds. Milton Erickson delivered the initial hypnosis techniques in a variety of assuming yet very physical mannerisms. From the ever-present inductional hand shake to the more deliberate and benign conversational inducements, Milton Erickson had a way with someone’s mind as some people have a way with words. The mind control technique is a condensed explanation of many factors and realizations that Milton Erickson used and developed himself through years of extremely patient listening as a child stricken with polio to the larger theaters of educational institutions.

Milton Erickson Father of Hypnosis Techniques and Mind Control Techniques

Anytime the subject of hypnosis techniques is brought about in correlation with Milton Erickson one should realize that a good percentage of these methods were founded by Erickson. Many researchers and peer group psychoanalysts of Milton Erickson’s day disagreed with him and, at times, with the doctor’s methods and beliefs. Many of those that disagreed with not only Milton Erickson’s ability to control one’s actions through their subconscious mind but let alone access the subconscious mind, were challenged and made believers once Milton Erickson put them in a trance. There is nothing better to convince a nonbeliever than to give them actual physical and mental proof.

Milton Erickson Mind Control Techniques Great for Explaining Hypnosis Techniques

The ability for Milton Erickson to not only demonstrate his mind control techniques but also explain in great detail the totality of hypnosis techniques for the benefit of all is what made him a very special person indeed. Mind control techniques are not things of science fiction or fantasy. Mind control techniques work especially well but only for those that believe in the theory and science and art form that is hypnosis techniques. With everything that is going on in the world today it was Milton Erickson who opened the human mind through a pathway that was only dreamed about through mind control techniques.

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